Sunday, 11 September 2016

Term 3 PENN Movie


  1. Hi room 24, When you did the Simon says at the end it was so inserting that you had to put your hands on your head and set up nicely. I loved how you have to grab a dinosaur bag and throw it up and if you drop the dinosaur bay it smash on the floor.
    From Nahea in the pavlion class.

  2. Hi room 24, I really loved the way all of you listened to your couch. I also loved the way you all played nicely and no one got Hurt . When i saw you guys throwing the small been bags and caching it. Nice doing simon says because when i saw you do it you’s were very fast. When i saw you’s sit down with your couch like a family it inspired me to do the same thing. Thank you from the pav childern and mamarae.

  3. Hi Room 24 I love your movie. I like when you all threw the little bean bag into the air. I want to ask you a question, did you like doing kiwi sport?
    From Marika (: