Sunday, 29 May 2016

Te Tuhi Trip

Last Thursday Room 24 went on a class trip to Te Tehi Art Gallery in Pakuranga. Our Inquiry Topic for Term 2 is as i see it. Room 24 are looking at creating art that represents the season of summer.

We had a fantastic time at Te Tuhi. We got to have a go at doing some 'Dream House' art. We used shapes to create our dream home and drew all the cool things we would have inside our house. 

We looked around the gallery and saw some very interesting Art. We learnt that Art doesn't just have to be a painting on the wall - it can be a photo, sculpture, movie or music. 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Welcome back to Term 2 - Our new Inquiry topic is 'As i see it'

Pt England students arrived back at school today ready to learn! Our Inquiry this term is called 'As i see it'. The whole school will be doing lots of exciting pieces of art. Year 2 are looking at art around the Seasons; Room 24 are going to be looking closely at the Summer season! What kind of colours make you think about summer and feel warm?