Sunday, 11 September 2016

Duffy Hero Assembly

The student's of Point England were so lucky today. We got to hear from a very clever young man named Johnson Raela. He used to work on What Now! the TV show. Johnson talked to us about how important it is to read! He told us that he found reading really tricky when he was at Primary school - he went to reading recovery to help him. That didn't stop him though - Johnson worked hard and read lots and went to University. He has an amazing job that has taken him all over the world!

There were two very important things we learnt today:

Reading is very important - there is no job you can do when you are older if you can't read!

Make sure you read for enjoyment! That means find a book you enjoy reading. AND if you are reading a book you don't enjoy or find boring, find ANOTHER ONE!

We all got to take a book home with us too! Thank you so much Duffy Books - we are so blessed!

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