Sunday, 2 April 2017

Writing Letters to Our Friends

In Room 24 we have been learning about how to write letters. We picked a name out of a box and that was the friend we were going to write our letter to. In a letter you normally ask them how they are .... We asked our friend how their weekend had been and told them about we did on the weekend. The purpose of writing our letters was to find out some things we may not have known about that person... we asked our friends things we wanted to know about them like what their favourite sport was. We learnt how to use a question mark in our writing. A question mark comes after you ask a question. We posted our letters in the mailbox today. We are so excited to get our letters in the mail. Could you write a letter to a friend? Maybe a friend who lives in another part of New Zealand or another country?
Here is a picture of Jordan putting his mail in the mailbox. I wonder who he wrote his letter to?

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