Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bike Tracking Opening

Room 24 wrote a recount of the Bike Track opening that happened this morning at school. Please read our writing. 

The Bike Track Opening

This summery, sunny morning Room 24 walked to the bottom field beside the park. We were going to watch the opening of the Point England bike track. 

First we sat down on the smooth, green grass in a line. Then we sang a song from the movie Moana. After that we sung some waiata.

Next some children puit on helmets and lined up on shiny, new red and blue bikes. 

Lastly two students cut the red ribbon. They raced around the track with smiling faces. We felt thrilled because we couldn't wait to have a go at riding the bikes!
Picture By Aaron

Picture By Kyzel
Picture By William

Picture By Shayna

Picture by Sesilia

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