Sunday, 24 July 2016

Immersion Assembly Term 3 'We Are the Champions'

Welcome back to Term 3 Point England School, and welcome back Mr and Mrs Burt. As we do at the beginning of each new term, we had an exciting assembly to find out we will be learning about for our Inquiry topic in term 3. In our immersion topic 'We are the Champions' we will be looking at the Olympics which taking place in the city of Rio in the Country of Brazil. In team 2 we will be looking at the geography side of things: looking at our country New Zealand and the country the Olympics is taking place in, Brazil. 

Do you know what city you live in? Do you know what suburb you live in?

Do you know what continent of the world Brazil is found?

Hopefully by the end of this term we will able to answer all these questions!!

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